Zebras are the universal symbol for rare disease. They represent finding the unexpected while on the diagnostic journey-a time when families desperately try to make sense of the challenges and symptoms their loved ones are experiencing. We happened to have a child with a rare disease who was born in Africa, the home of the zebra. This is also the place that we learned to love coffee. Coffee, as it turns out, has been a cherished component of our rare disease parenting. Our son and our time in Africa are the inspirations behind Rare Brew Coffee Co. Alongside our partner, Syngap Research Fund, we’re bringing you coffee for a cure. Each purchase helps to provide a better future for families affected by the rare disease, SYNGAP1.


  • DAMIEN M. G.

    Rare Brew Coffee’s Advocate Blend has been my go-to for the past few days and after brewing it a few different ways, I just love it. The flavor is bright on its own, but it also elevates the flavors I’ve added to it.

  • BEATA T.

    The coffee is very fresh and mild in flavor, no bitterness. I am really enjoying it. The packaging and presentation is next level.


    So I just had my first cup of Rare Brew Coffee Co and it's amazing honestly. I drink coffee daily... has zero bitterness to it and bonus my husband has gone for a second cup which never happens... I will be ordering more!!! Thank you for the greatness.